About us


CorporateConnections is a global community of successful business executives who are active in high-performance teams that focus on advanced referral, marketing and networking strategies.

CorporateConnections was established in 2002 to help business leaders identify and develop business opportunities in a collaborative environment. Embodying our Core Values, members provide each other with a personalized level of support that catalyzes commerce, nurtures networks and fosters friendships.

Our members generate measurable results through strategic connections. CorporateConnections does this through regular meetings with select business professionals who meet defined leadership criteria.

With years of practical experience, all members have a proven track record of success and bring a unique professional perspective to each group. Ultimately, their interactions among each other create quality opportunities that lead to quality business.


The competitive advantage of a CoporateConnections membership is the benefits provided to executives through the development of strategic connections. Primarily, the increase in quality referrals, advanced professional development and participation in confidential advisory groups.

With individuals who interact confidently with diverse teams of business leaders, CorporateConnections empowers members by providing the structure, knowledge and tools that no other global organization can offer.

Global Support Team

Our leadership team of executives lives by the Givers Gain® philosophy and is passionate about creating an outstanding culture that promotes collaboration and cooperation.

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