Member Stories

Member Stories

CorporateConnections Members share what makes their Member experience so extraordinary.

kirandary anani

I encourage women everywhere to join CorporateConnections. If we want to be heard, we have to use our voice. I’ve felt empowered throughout the last 4 years with CorporateConnections and have evolved both professionally and personally. I am proud to be a part of such a supportive and inclusive environment.

Ximena Fernández

Chapter Director, CorporateConnections Mexico

Over ten years ago, I made a connection at a CorporateConnections meeting. Since then, I have stayed in touch with this individual, but we hadn’t found any business opportunities for each other until now. This recent opportunity turned out to be significant, as we closed a $23 million deal. This is a testament to the power of long-term relationships. The personal and professional benefit of building and maintaining relationships never ceases to amaze me.

Michel Carrier

Member, CorporateConnections Montreal 2

CorporateConnections opens up a community of ambitious entrepreneurs who are willing to share, to learn and to support one another in sustaining our society, locally and international. Privileged to be part of this beautiful community.

Ha Pahn

Executive Director, CorporateConnecitons Belgium & The Netherlands

CorporateConnections has made a significant impact on my life. It has helped me become a more patient person and build long term perspective. Through the CC network, an exceptionally lucrative land deal is now in the works after five years. We are grateful to CorporateConnections for helping make this possible.

Sunil Mysore

Member & Chapter Director, CorporateConnections India

CorporateConnections Mexico truly embodies CorporateConnections core values by consistently helping those in need. For example, last year, CorporateConnections Mexico committed to helping 9-year-old Renata, who was battling cancer. We called our initiative “Juntos por Renata” or together for Renata. Renata is a Member’s niece, and her treatment was not only costly but could only be performed in Spain. We helped her family by introducing them to a Member’s contacts in Barcelona and raised funds for her treatment.

Alejandro Obregon

National Director, CorporateConnections Mexico

I launched a new coworking center in Baroda, India. I was able to do this in record time with the help of a fellow CorporateConnections Member, Niral Patel. Furthermore, my first client in this new venture was a fellow CorporateConnections Ahmedabad 1 Member, Dewang Modi. Within 2 months of becoming a Member, I was able to give and receive business through our CorporateConnections community.

Yash Shah

Member, CorporateConnections Ahmedabad 1

CorporateConnections has allowed me to work and network with business leaders around our country and across the world. People know people and when we create these structured environments to collaborate, it’s extraordinary to see what can be achieved.

Kai Bjorn

National Director, CorporateConnections Canada

In the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, a fellow Member and I found ourselves unable to return home while traveling in Uganda. To make the best of our situation, we decided to take action and help where we could. Ultimately, we combined our contacts and resources to produce 50,000 liters of hand sanitizer and provided 48 hotel rooms for local citizens. In all, we were away from our families for over 100 days but felt proud of the contributions we made to our temporary home and the people of Uganda.

Hiten Shah

Member, CorporateConnections Dubai

The professional development I’ve gained through my interactions from CorporateConnections has been substantial. The global aspect when making new connections and the unspoken understanding of support at all levels is a key factor of success in our community.

Victoria Becker

National Director, CorporateConnections Switzerland

CorporateConnections is a way of life. Its Members and formula, which encourages exchanges, contribute to the company’s development and growth. We have gained excellent partnerships, clients and lasting friendships. We are proud to be Members and we will continue to nurture these relationships in the years to come.

Stephane Bedard

Member, CorporateConnections Canada

I have joined a large family of friends that have my back. I value the opportunities to learn from other Members and the various educational events. CorporateConnections® is my go-to for advice and opinions.

Kiran Daryanani

Member, CorporateConnections UAE

CorporateConnections® is a refreshing change from the normal peer to peer networking groups. CorporateConnections® focuses on building synergies and meaningful relationships between members that lead to business and social opportunities that simply don’t exist in other groups that I’ve been part of. I highly recommend CorporateConnections® as a tool to improve not only your business but your life and the relationships within them both."

Derryn Shrosbree

Member, CorporateConnections Canada

Tomoyuki Otuki,

Member, CorporateConnections Japan

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