The premiere platform for accelerating executive level connections

CorporateConnections provides global business leaders the ideal setting for generating exceptional and measurable results through executive networking opportunities. Our members join CorporateConnections to develop business-building relationships, gain access to advanced professional development opportunities, and to participate in peer advisory groups.

CorporateConnections helps executives build strategic and tactical relationships through a structured and supportive environment comprised of other successful business executives.

Members benefit from:

  • Strategic connections and qualified referrals at the executive level
  • Global business alliances and relationships
  • Peer advisory groups providing confidential roundtables for business and personal growth
  • Advanced professional development for lifelong learning


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Strategic Connections
Our proven referral system and global reach allows our members to connect with other strategic executives locally and internationally.

Global Business Alliances
The combination of our global presence, our defined membership criteria and our interactive mobile application creates the perfect recipe for long-term alliances and relationships to develop naturally, at an accelerated pace.

Peer Advisory Groups - PACT
Our Peer Advisory Counsel Teams (PACTs) act as our members’ own personal advisory boards. With their trusted peers sharing experiences in these smaller groups, our members have a unique platform to resolve the many challenges they face as business executives in a timely and confidential manner.

Advanced Professional Development
Great executives never stop learning. Our members benefit from access to world-class networking and leadership training.

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peter mccusker

It allowed me to go from a business that was doing 6 million dollars in sales a year to over 65 million in sales.

- Luc Fournier

My largest referral at CorporateConnections was an amazing 30 million dollar project.

- Michel Rheault

peter mccusker