Blisswater’s Journey with CorporateConnections

Blisswater’s Journey with CorporateConnections

Member Success Series

Congratulations to Varna Bhat for the magazine feature on the launch of her new brand: Rahasya Vodka!  Here is a little more about her journey with the launch and CorporateConnections. 

“A conversation with Yash Vasant and Gaurav Singhvi led to an exclusive  Rahasya  preview and highlight event at the CC Gujarat-Rajasthan retreat at Mundota Palace. 

Members were able to experience Rahasya, and this led to a discussion with Vishrut Pathak of CC Ahmedabad 1 who shared that 8 Members of their chapter had come together to create an investment vehicle called CC One Venture Labs and that they would be keen to explore synergies. 

Having the right people as founding investors is critical to any start-up and being able to do this through CorporateConnections gave me a great deal of comfort and saved me a lot of due diligence. 

Conversations with Vishrut Pathak, Chandan Purohit and Aditya Patel, (Representing CC One Ventures) and Yash Shah provided brilliant advice and opened new doors to Blisswater.   

I have truly been fortunate to have the support and backing of multiple CorporateConnections Members from the very beginning of my journey with Blisswater and that has provided tremendous confidence and business boost.”

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