Fifteen Ways Franchises Became Stronger During a Pandemic

Fifteen Ways Franchises Became Stronger During a Pandemic

There is not a business that wasn’t affected or touched in some way by the global pandemic. Fifteen franchises made adjustments that improved business and shared what they learned through their successes.

  • Open new concepts at lower costs– Stay competitive over the competition.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and fix them – Continue to innovate.
  • Diversity Revenue Streams– Maintain diverse revenue streams.
  • Renew relationships with franchisees– Leverage unique talent.
  • React to customers’ changing needs– Prioritize the customer.
  • Find opportunity where others couldn’t– Look for affordable opportunity.
  • Accept what you can’t change– Focus only on things within your control.
  • Embrace new ways of working– Be flexible, it pays off.
  • Go after a new pool of talent– Resilience and profitability are synonymous.
  • Open new lines of communication– More robust and frequent communication to ignite unity.
  • Bring your community together– Anticipate the needs of franchisees and customers.
  • Restart your entrepreneurial thinking– Retool, reinvent and get creative.
  • Trust your experience-Find the silver lining in crisis.
  • Prioritize you team’s well-being– Maintain a growth mindset.
  • Stop reacting and start proactively building– Step back and think about the purpose.

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